We are making long-term impact in the transportation industry

  • We firmly believe that sustainability is the right way of doing business. By consistently adding value and increasing efficiency for our customers, Merx Global is making a positive and long-term impact in the transportation industry.
  • We strive to provide a healthy and professional work environment so that our employees can enjoy a rewarding work experience with the potential for personal growth.
  • As an asset based carrier, we improve productivity by constantly upgrading our equipment and implementing the latest technologies and software that the industry has to offer.
  • We are committed to using all of the recourses available to us so that we can leave the smallest footprint possible while growing as a business.

EPA Smartway Partner

We are an EPA SmartWay certified partner. Not only that, but our company ranked in the top tier in terms of low carbon and particle emissions based on EPA standards, which means we maintain one of the cleanest and most efficient fleets in the industry. Not only do we care for the environment, but we strive to be among the companies which adhere to the most stringent environmental requirements and provide the most fuel efficient transportations. This way we contribute the most and pollute the least!

You can also contribute by implementing a few simple things. Please check the links below to learn how.

EPA SmartWay