We provide transportation service in the United States


  • As a part of the trucking industry,  we realize out contribution and responsibility. That is why we are very selective when it comes to whom we bring on board.
  • We believe personal and professional integrity is one of the most valuable attributes that a person can have;
  • We strive to provide a healthy and positive work environment for each and every employee, with unmatched potential for personal and professional growth;
  • The Merx team is like a family – and our family is comprised of people who are independent, ambitious, resourceful and driven to achieve more on a daily basis;
  • We pride ourselves on consistently adding value and improving our efficiency;
  • We believe that reliability and outstanding customer service are paramount to our long-term success;
  • We are an entrepreneurial and opportunistic company, and we love what we do;

Christian Peneff

George Georgiev

Team Leader

Pavel Peneff
Vice President

Jason Nash

Team Leader



Kaloyan Kolev
Manager, Merx Truck & Repair

Andrey Krilov

Team Leader

Angel Neychev
Manager, Merx Truck & Repair

Peter Mosio

Team Leader


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