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1454 Elmhurst Road, Elk Grove Village, IL, 60007; (847)228-1288

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We provide transportation service in the United States


  • As a part of the trucking industry,  we realize out contribution and responsibility. That is why we are very selective when it comes to whom we bring on board.
  • We believe personal and professional integrity is one of the most valuable attributes that a person can have;
  • We strive to provide a healthy and positive work environment for each and every employee, with unmatched potential for personal and professional growth;
  • The Merx team is like a family – and our family is comprised of people who are independent, ambitious, resourceful and driven to achieve more on a daily basis;
  • We pride ourselves on consistently adding value and improving our efficiency;
  • We believe that reliability and outstanding customer service are paramount to our long-term success;
  • We are an entrepreneurial and opportunistic company, and we love what we do;

Christian Peneff

Christian Peneff


Pavel Peneff

Vice President

Mike Ivanov

Manager, Merx Global

Kaloyan Kolev

Manager, Merx Truck & Repair


1454 Elmhurst Road, Elk Grove Village, IL, 60007; (847)228-1288

© 2017 MERX GLOBAL. All Rights Reserved


Welcome to Merx Global!

The reliable trucking company in Illinois



years of excellence in transportation


years of perfect safety record


Operates in 42 States


Our Drivers are part of our family

Members of the Merx family receive benefits that reflect the training and dedication that it takes to become a fully-licensed commercial driver. We’re constantly in search of new, skilled employees to join our exceptional team, and we go to great lengths to create a dialogue between employer and employee

Part of the team

We’re proud to employ only the most ambitious, skilled drivers and maintain an open line of communication with all of our employees. By cultivating a rewarding and welcoming atmosphere, Merx encourages transparency and trust amongst its team members. From safe driving recognition to opportunities for advancement – Merx has it all.

Work ethic is everything

There’s nothing more important than being part of a community that encourages you to challenge yourself and reach for new horizons. At Merx, we go to great lengths to surround ourselves with partners and employees who aim to become innovators in their field. Reliability, accountability, and an unending desire to improve has made Merx one of the strongest competitors in modern transportation and logistics.

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Complete truck and trailer repair

Merx Truck & Trailer Repair offers complete truck repair diagnostics, mount/dismount tires, and commercial truck wash. Conveniently located in Melrose Park the location offers detailed truck wash and trailer washout, oil change, and tow bar rental



1454 Elmhurst Road, Elk Grove Village, IL, 60007; (847)228-1288

© 2017 MERX GLOBAL. All Rights Reserved

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